Head-Up DisplayA one view application for Desk Advisors

An application to enable Desk Advisors, CP and Reseller desk agents to easily see the progress being made to deliver their jobs.

  • Services
  • User research
  • User experience
  • Visual guidelines
  • UI design
  • Front End development
  • User testing

HUD or Head Up Display is an application to enable Internal agents, CP and Reseller desk agents to easily see the progress being made to deliver their L2C jobs, without switching to multiple applications which was the case earlier.

Problem statement

Inadequate systems and data along with ineffective operating models users are causing a number of internal impacts and a poor experience for our customers.

  • Too many systems (up to 27)
  • Archaic UI
  • Incomplete / Broken Customer Journey
  • Inconsistent data across platforms
  • Untimely data
  • Wasted Engineer visits


  • The existing portal was slow & dated
  • Users were finding it difficult to locate the information
  • It was not easy-to-use, had multiple scrolls
  • Information was spread across various systems, there was no single place to find what they wanted
  • Manual entries were on the rise



  • Understood business and stakeholder goals
  • Review of existing systems and processes
  • User interviews & observe users at work
  • Workshops with users to identify pain points
  • Documented list of requirements


Here we have defined user roles, flow of information to user groups and information architecture for all the user groups


To bring out better User experience we continuously involved users to test our designs. Since it's an Agile approach we involved our uses to getting inputs and comments in every sprint

  • Invited users to review designs
  • Continuous improvement via agile approach
  • Usability testing/surveys on deployment
  • Evaluate, document & deliver on findings
  • Recommendations design & functional updates

A colour palette that keeps brand values









Visual design

Please reach me out for in depth presentation and front-end demo